Love and Romance in Paris Photoshoot

Paris has long been known for its gorgeous architecture, natural beauty and rich history, and now you can create a lasting memory of your time in this elegant and romantic city. Your trip to Paris is probably one of your fondest dreams that has finally come to life, and a personalized photoshoot will let you capture your time here in living color.

Known as the city of love, Paris has many beautiful backdrops that are perfect for romantic photoshoots. Some favorites of our past clients include the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Tuileries Gardens, Moulin Rouge, the Palais-Royal and, of course, the eponymous Eiffel Tower. Paris is also filled with numerous cafes, tree-lined streets and architecturally unique buildings that will round out your shoot. Whether you are looking for a sunrise photoshoot to capture the golden hour of the day or want a more brooding twilight session to embrace the soft light and shadows of this fashionable city, you can find just what you want with personalized packages from Agence Pearl.

Our world-class photography and caring photographers will create the perfect experience for you in the city of love. We always take the time to listen to you and your needs so that you end up with pictures that perfectly display your unique personalities and your connection to each other. Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we treat you with respect and patience so that every minute of your photoshoot is focused on you and your significant other.

Whether you are traveling to Paris in the spring and want to capture the thrill of new life in nature or instead wish to memorialize your summertime walk along the Seine River, every day is a great day for a Paris photoshoot. This city has no limit to the number of magical spots where you and your true love can connect.

Book one of our Paris photoshoot packages today to see just a bit of what Paris has to offer and to take home professional-quality photographs of your time here in France’s most elegant and passionate city.

The differents packages

The bronze package

1 site of your choice - 1h

** Perfect for proposal **
Supply of photos in HD (at least 50)
All Photos are retouched in HD
Photoshoot in Paris
Photos ready within a week


The silver package

3 sites of your choice - 3h

Supply of photos in HD (at least 150)
All Photos are retouched in HD
Photoshoot in Paris
Photos ready within a week


The premium package

6 sites of your choice - 6h

Supply of photos in HD (at least 300)
All Photos are retouched in HD
Photoshoot in Paris
Photos ready within a week


The gold package

3 sites of your choice - 3h

Photos :
Supply of photos in HD (at least 150)
All Photos are retouched in HD
Photoshoot in Paris
Photos ready within a week

Video :
Film of 4mn approximately
Title, effects and transitions
(included the music of your choice in the background)



How should we dress for the couple session?

  • To create the perfect style for your session, your outfit is important, so it is important to follow a few guidelines. Having colors for both individuals that are complimentary or similar in shade is acceptable, as long as the colors are not absolutely identical. You also want to avoid wearing all in black or all white.
  • Neutral and pastel colors are preferred, and in turn, we suggest against flashy colors. Loud patterns can be a distraction in the photos, so if you have your heart set on a particular outfit that has an intense pattern, your significant other might want to wear something muted.
  • All the elements are important in these photo shoots, including shoes, so think comfortable but stylish. Logos on the clothes are to be avoided as much as possible. Finally, women are often better dressed than men in these photo shoots, so, gentlemen, do not hesitate to release your best outfit for the occasion!

Should a deposit be paid?

  • Payment are made in their entirety on the day of the couple session; no deposit is required.

Where is the meeting point?

  • It depends of the locations you have chosen

What can we expect in terms of transportation?

  • The transfer in Uber are not included in the package. We can make special accommodations, if needed.

What languages do you speak?

  • French and English.

Are there any weather contingencies?

  • The session can be moved back or forward during the same day or shifted to another day depending on availability, if there is an issue with the weather.